Moto 360: a smart and beautiful watch by Motorola

In March, there appeared information that Motorola and LG are planning to release smart watches on Android Wear platform. LG have already coped with this task, releasing LG G Watch, and Motorola are about to put Moto 360 on the […]


First Atomic Watch Coming to Kickstarter

Bathys Hawaii have devised a project of the gadget and presented several working prototypes in 2013. Now the watch acquired its final shape and design. In order to collect the sum necessary for the production, the developers brought the project […]


Flexible Aluminum-Ion Battery Recharges in 60 Seconds


Stanford University researchers on Tuesday revealed they had stumbled onto a breakthrough that could lead to the adoption of fast-charging, long-lasting batteries in the near future.
“An ultra-fast rechargeable aluminum-ion battery,” which details the team’s findings, was published in the April 6 edition of Nature.
The turning point occurred when the researchers were trying out materials to serve as a cathode, and they began experimenting with graphite. Read more »

Surface 3 Targets Windows-Loving Prosumers


Microsoft on Tuesday raised the curtain on its new Surface 3 tablet, targeting users who want a robust Windows tablet at an iPad price.
Up to now, those looking for a full-featured Windows tablet had to spend US$799 for a Surface Pro 3, but some customers will find their needs can be met with the new $499 Surface 3. Read more »

Flir Debuts Triple-Threat Video Cam


Flir Systems,known primarily for its commercial sensor products, on Tuesday made a foray into the consumer market with a new video camera that can be used for home monitoring, sports, and even as a dash cam.
The new Flir FX video camera, which supports WiFi, is a compact unit capable of capturing HD, as well as integrating with cloud-based analytics and a set of application-oriented mounts. Read more »

How to make your own ‘classic’ Apple watch


You can read a review of an Apple Watch that will cost you a whole lot of money, or you can just make your own. I mean, this one is based on the Apple II, but we guarantee you’ll save a ton of money taking this route.

“Although the MCU I’m using runs at a blistering (by early 1980’s standards) 72 MHz , the watch functions are mostly parody of the modern Apple Watch,” the watch’s creator stated. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S6: If Looks Could Kill

S6 edge

Samsung’s upcoming pair of flagship smartphones are distinguished by their form factors. The Galaxy S6 edge is almost identical to the US$650 Galaxy S6, but, for an additional $100, users get a display that spills over its sides, allowing notifications to appear along its marquee-like edges, without rousing the handset’s display in full. Read more »