Moto 360: a smart and beautiful watch by Motorola

In March, there appeared information that Motorola and LG are planning to release smart watches on Android Wear platform. LG have already coped with this task, releasing LG G Watch, and Motorola are about to put Moto 360 on the […]


First Atomic Watch Coming to Kickstarter

Bathys Hawaii have devised a project of the gadget and presented several working prototypes in 2013. Now the watch acquired its final shape and design. In order to collect the sum necessary for the production, the developers brought the project […]


Fleksy keyboard is free now


Fleksy Company announced that its popular keyboard for iOS and Android is now free. It can be downloaded by anyone and it will remain free forever.

Those who have paid $ 1.99 will get a variety of gifts. They include themes and other content for $ 8. Read more »

Logitech launches Logi brand


Logitech announced about rebranding as a result of which its devices will be released under the brand name Logi. According to the company, it is the greatest transformation in the history of the brand.

Logi will appear on new categories of products, and the company intends to produce new items. According to the official blog, the first product under the brand name Logi is coming soon. Read more »

Pepper the robots were sold out in a few minutes


Pepper the robot was represented in Japan and can react to human emotions. A year later the machine went on sale and all robots were sold out immediately.

The year before Saturday, June 13, the mobile operator Softbank which together with Foxconn and French company Aldebaran Robotics created a robot released 1,000 units. They were sold out in less than a minute and cost $ 1,600. Read more »

Here Active Listening earbuds: Audio adjustment for the real world


We’ve already heard about electronic earplugs that only block sound when loud noises occur, or that amplify human voices. Doppler Labs’ Here Active Listening system, however, takes things a step further. Consisting of an app-controlled pair of wireless earbuds, it lets users filter out or enhance audio frequencies in real-world ambient sound before it reaches their ears. Read more »

How Google’s Project Jacquard turns your clothes into wearables


At the 2015 I/O conference, Google ATAP presented Project Jacquard, which creates conductive yarn to turn clothing into a device interface. Here’s how it works.

It seems like Google is woven into the fabric of our daily lives in so many ways. Now, Google will be woven into the fabric of our clothing as well. Read more »